Sunday, August 19, 2007

TIme Flies

Three weeks ago the first next post was going to be the Wilderness 101, then last week about the two sweet rides last weekend at RB Winter and central PA, then this week just some whining about not riding, we'll go in a different direction tho now and touch on the other stuff lower down a bit.

Kris graduated last night (cue the balloons and streamer cannons). Where the hell did the last two years go. She's officially a PA now. Good thing too since then I'll have medical staff on site all the time at my race events. Yep, thats why I was behind this from the get go, so that she can take care of banged up bike racers and then no one can worry about a ambulance being on site.

So, what's next? I thought a 29er tandem mtb from Ventana would be perfect, but Kris is thinking we ought to get a house instead. I don't think we'll be able to do very many 50 mile mountain bike races on a house. She's really thinking dog first (with a house not far behind mind you) and is all over petfinder trying to find a match. I love the idea of that site, but man there are few things as sad as seeing a photo of some sweet dog and then being told, "you have 7 hours otherwise this dog will be euthanized." A very macabre Ebay sort of thing going on there.

Going back a bit, the 101 kicked my ass. My riding and training has been crappy since the stage race weekend due to a number of factors -- lets call them life -- and I suffered like I haven't suffered in a long time in those hills around state college. I looked back and my volume on the last time I'd put in a WEEK with as much riding as I did in one day at the 101 was the week of the previous hundred in Michigan a short 7 weeks prior. I need to get my life to cooperate with me a bit more.

Got back on the wagon after recovering from the 101 and put in some great rides last weekend at the site of my next race promo in Bald Eagle State Forest at RB Winter State Park with Rob L. and

You know what, I'm going riding, more later.