Friday, February 22, 2008

Where the hell have you been??

More dead air. Lots and lots of dead air. I haven't had a damn thing to say in two months. As most anyone reading this knows -- of course that can't be true! I'm an opinionated ass and I've been running at the mouth like I always do I just wasn't motivated to lay it down here.

Lets look back shall we: Christmas, New Years, skate ski weekend in NY, Colorado Springs for USAC, my Birthday, Tucson with Dr. Wilson, and Poppa Kuhn's back operation. Okay, now that we're all caught up...

There is some stuff on the horizon that is important for any of you mtb racers in the region stopping by for event info. Again in 2008 this is where all the HighSpeedCycling/ event updates and news will be posted. However, you'll need to continue to frequent for the actual event details and information. So, check HSC for the main gist of things and here for my BS and event updates. Why make you go to two places? Just be glad its not three.

Ry's been working hard to put together a new look for the HSC site which is why there isn't any 2008 event info up just yet. I'm way stoked about the new site and I think yinzers will like it too. Keep checking back - I'm pushing him to get this thing up and running asap, he's putting up with it very nicely. It is a very delicate balance what with him crashing here at the Kuhn abode. If he gives me any lip I'll put his ass out on the street, but of course then there is no new kick ass website for you - as you can probably imagine, its as tense as an impacted bowel around here.

I keed, I keed, me and Ry did a little snow riding today in the four inches of fluff and got completely worked pushing all that powder around. Good times.

Lets talk events...The US Open relay is the up first and it is basically the same as last year though I will be tweaking the handicapping slightly based on last year's results. The idea is to make this thing so every team has a shot at the victory and last year was a little too elite skewed...we'll play with the numbers and bit and probably flub it but at least we're trying so how about a little credit?

I'm looking at adding some other awards too for things like "Most Elaborate and Extravagent Pit," "Best Dressed Team," and "Most Expensive Gift given to Promoter." This sort of stuff will go up at that other place where you're supposed to go to check out the team's races (if you're not sure where please re-read this post and take better notes).