Saturday, March 31, 2007

Who is bringing the chips and cups? And another 15 milliseconds for me.

You'd almost get the impression I know what I'm doing with some of the progress being made on the upcoming MTB Team events. Here's a run down from the week:

Booked the guys at Runners High for the MASS Stage Race and Festival Weekend to provide fancy pants chip timing for all the stages this year. We might have to make a couple little changes to the courses to accommodate things, but I'm hoping this will lead to faster and even more accurate results. It may also give the MASS a chance to test the system for events for future events. The boys at Tour de Tykes are booked for the system too so who knows, maybe you'll get a chip with your reg pack in 2008.

The big Team Relay Championship Cup is on its way as well. I hope everyone gets pumped up by this thing and we create a tradition of fighting it out for this perpetual team trophy each season. (Perpetual trophies are ones that get passed from team to team each season and are engraved with current and past winners and as the tradition continues you add more space to the trophy to add more teams.)

Bill Deputy of was out to the farm with me this week and we did a little tour of the joint for next weekend's race. The course was being cleared of debris while we were taping and is tough to see in spots, but you'll get the idea. Think fast, tight, and anaerobic. The 15 more seconds you'll find right here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

From here to there

Kris and I are shopping for a new vehicle as its time to retire both of the Saturns in the near future. With the commute to Philly for Cadence and due to the fact that I haul way too much crap down and back with me every time, we've been checking out hybrids and wagon-esque vehicles. Weseem to have things narrowed down to Subaru Outback (or Legacy) wagons, Mazda 5 wagon or the Mazda crossover, or the VUE hybrid. The VUE is really probably on the top of the list since it gets pretty stellar mileage (28/32 and long as you don't drive like a bat outta hell) and has the low emission deal going since it shuts off at idle and runs on the battery. Since we've tree huggers that hybrid thing is a good hook. Course I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up getting elevating the smug alert should we get one.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

15 miliseconds of fame

Got me a published article in the latest edition of Liberty Sports about training and such! They did a little bit of modification, but I suppose that's what editors are for. Thank god I don't have one of those for this. It looks like I'll be doing more articles on training but these will be destined for intead. I'm pretty excited to have the chance to do this, now its just about making them solid (but not too long, and man can I go on and on).

I did number 2

There it is. Post Number 2 in less than a week. I'm so proud of myself it hurts.

Teams are coming in for the MASS Relay and I'm pretty stoked. I can't wait for this thing to roll. And to see if this whole handicapping thing actually works. Looks like I'll be giving up a spot on my beloved VisitPA squad tho to make room for The Legend for this race. With Yozell and Hebe coming on board this year we're stuck trying to divide 4 into 9. I'd love to race this with my bubs, but there will be more chances for that.

What there might not be a lot more chances to do is race with EuroNate since he's definitely headed back to Spain in June. So it looks like its a little Cadence Connection squad instead with The Kid, VeganRob, Nate, and moi.

Planning to hit the roads for a couple hours with Ray tomorrow, thinking maybe its time for another round of Goldmine+. Picking up the new 29er tomorrow too and dropping my SS off for some touch up welding with Wicked Dreamz. Gotta get out on the trail tomorrow for a spin with and a little vid for the relay too. Nothing like planning way to much for one day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ry, you asked for it

Albeit two months ago, but here it is. I'm back and I'm committed. Got a whole load of stuff coming up that needs rambled on about. The MASS Team Relay Championship is happening in a few weeks and there is lots to do there. Then there is getting everything in line for the other three MASS races this summer, trying to bring the series itself up to a new level, and getting back into some semblance of form.

Basically thats what you're gonna hear about the next few months. Me bitchin and moanin about how I have all this to do. Just remind me that I bring it on myself and then tell me to shut the hell up and go ride my bike.

Lately I'm alternately psyched and down as I've been dealing with a hip injury that left me lame much of last year that I thought I kicked after 15 months, but after a 6 week hiatus its back. Hell, I was even reducing the size of my ass I was so pumped. The ass is back, but I'm back on the bike again trying to pump that TSS score. Good times.