Tuesday, March 27, 2007

From here to there

Kris and I are shopping for a new vehicle as its time to retire both of the Saturns in the near future. With the commute to Philly for Cadence and due to the fact that I haul way too much crap down and back with me every time, we've been checking out hybrids and wagon-esque vehicles. Weseem to have things narrowed down to Subaru Outback (or Legacy) wagons, Mazda 5 wagon or the Mazda crossover, or the VUE hybrid. The VUE is really probably on the top of the list since it gets pretty stellar mileage (28/32 and long as you don't drive like a bat outta hell) and has the low emission deal going since it shuts off at idle and runs on the battery. Since we've tree huggers that hybrid thing is a good hook. Course I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up getting elevating the smug alert should we get one.

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