Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ry, you asked for it

Albeit two months ago, but here it is. I'm back and I'm committed. Got a whole load of stuff coming up that needs rambled on about. The MASS Team Relay Championship is happening in a few weeks and there is lots to do there. Then there is getting everything in line for the other three MASS races this summer, trying to bring the series itself up to a new level, and getting back into some semblance of form.

Basically thats what you're gonna hear about the next few months. Me bitchin and moanin about how I have all this to do. Just remind me that I bring it on myself and then tell me to shut the hell up and go ride my bike.

Lately I'm alternately psyched and down as I've been dealing with a hip injury that left me lame much of last year that I thought I kicked after 15 months, but after a 6 week hiatus its back. Hell, I was even reducing the size of my ass I was so pumped. The ass is back, but I'm back on the bike again trying to pump that TSS score. Good times.

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