Saturday, March 31, 2007

Who is bringing the chips and cups? And another 15 milliseconds for me.

You'd almost get the impression I know what I'm doing with some of the progress being made on the upcoming MTB Team events. Here's a run down from the week:

Booked the guys at Runners High for the MASS Stage Race and Festival Weekend to provide fancy pants chip timing for all the stages this year. We might have to make a couple little changes to the courses to accommodate things, but I'm hoping this will lead to faster and even more accurate results. It may also give the MASS a chance to test the system for events for future events. The boys at Tour de Tykes are booked for the system too so who knows, maybe you'll get a chip with your reg pack in 2008.

The big Team Relay Championship Cup is on its way as well. I hope everyone gets pumped up by this thing and we create a tradition of fighting it out for this perpetual team trophy each season. (Perpetual trophies are ones that get passed from team to team each season and are engraved with current and past winners and as the tradition continues you add more space to the trophy to add more teams.)

Bill Deputy of was out to the farm with me this week and we did a little tour of the joint for next weekend's race. The course was being cleared of debris while we were taping and is tough to see in spots, but you'll get the idea. Think fast, tight, and anaerobic. The 15 more seconds you'll find right here.

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