Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Flying by (Rocktober Too)

Time flies when you're having fun.

Or trying to pull together two races, a jr devo camp, and taking care of the team stuff.

Or working way to much and attempting to train for Mohican.

Or shopping for a house.

Or expecting a baby.

Some of the above is sorta fun, some not so much, and some really really fun! It pretty much varies daily with what's which why, but in general its good, just a wee bit busy.

So, to everyone I've neglected for the past month, I'm sorry. Of course, that will not prevent me from neglecting you for another 8 to 12 weeks, but I do apologize. But I'll still neglect you.

Anyway - Rocktober stuff! This went out on the MASS lists and such so you may already know a about it, but some info about the race next weekend:

I know, I know, yinzers have probably been very happy that I've kept my big yap shut so far this year but some news about the Rocktober Challenge for you -

1. Prereg gets more expensive on the 10th and then closes and then gets absolutely ludicrous on race day. Seriously, I'm a complete jerk and am ripping you off on race day since you can't take time to prereg. So, take a couple minutes and go to to get signed up.

2. The course is a wee bit longer than 100K. More like one hundred and eleventy K or there abouts. There is a very small chance we'll cut out a piece, but that would throw off the aid station plan and we'd lose some of the stellar trail we've been working on for you. If you're coming you're already figuring on being out there all day long anyway so this is just more of a good time. Really I'm giving you even more for your money! You should so be thanking me.

3. If you are planning on coming up you should know that the RB Winter campground is rapidly filling up. There are several other camp grounds close to the venue and the closest hotels can be found in Lewisburg which is about 25-30 min away. should be able to help you find alternate lodging. By I don't mean Ray or Wes or Mike or Ry but rather by visiting the website at However, your best way to get directions to the race is through our race site.

Please help spread the word to your team mates who don't have hours of their lives to waste sitting in front of a computer chatting on the MASS forums.

See you all at French Creek - do your anti-rain jig!

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