Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Been a long time glad to see your face.

So it was gonna be the Nine and a Half Weeks post since I have this need to try to tie all my stuff to some pop culture reference, but as that was...oh hell, I've lost track and have no idea what week we're on. How about we just say we're about 4.5 months and leave it at that? If you're marking it by the development steps - he hasn't rolled over yet, but he did paint his first masterpiece. Yep, he's going to be one of those artists that throws excrement at the wall. With his butt.

He doesn't like naps. Everyone wants to ask about the overnight sleep and we thought that'd be the big deal. That ain't nothing but a thing. The kid has no problem with the overnights. During the day though sleep just doesn't happen. Of course that gets him all ornery - just like his dad at about 1pm on Sunday of the Festival weekend. You know, when I'm telling all you racers that its been nice to have you but don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way off the farm.

Speaking of the Festival; the word is out - we're on the Dirt Rag World Tour!! Yep, plan your trip now! BTW, we moved it a week earlier so you won't be torn by the temptation to be off drinking at the shore or drinking at the campsite or drinking on your lake boat or just sitting on your ass at home drinking over the Independence Day weekend - since that's definitely the best way to remember what it took for this to become the best country on Earth, by drinking your face off and eating some grilled lips and assholes (count it!!). So, in an effort to stem the tide of disappearing beginner men from the Festival weekend we're now the last weekend in June. We have been tossing around the idea of mixing it up a bit this year and going all 12 Hour Relay and your asses instead of Stage Racing...

In other news: Big Larry got done with back surgery #3 in the past 12 months a short time ago. This one was really on the base of his neck so was super psyched to be a neck immobilizer/collar. Anyone know how they work on your spine in your neck? By going straight through your throat. Yep, slash it open over the voice box, push that and the old trachea aside and dive in with both hands. From the front through your throat.

You know he'll be out on that tractor getting the courses ready for you come spring - more on all the racing stuff on the team blog. Dude is tough. I wish I had more of that.

Hugs and kisses and Happy Friggin' New Year (see, I didn't forget).

And here is one of Boo to send you out.