Thursday, September 25, 2008

Change is good

I went dark for a long time there didn't I? Hell, where have I been? Last weekend I was reminded by my one faithful reader that I haven't posted in a while. Makes the whole blogging thing really lame if you don't post. Of course, if you don't have anything to say then all you end up with is some an even more lame ass blog that works well for insomniacs but should be kept far from anyone with suicidal tendencies. The ol' mad libs blog just doesn't get me excited and damn if I can keep anything that's amusing to me in my head long enough to write about, though perhaps this will change with our impending arrival. Of course, many of you likely already know all about what is about to happen to us and a lot of you, probably like me until about 9 months ago, probably won't relate real well. As usual, I don't give a rat's ass and you'll get what you get.

One of the last times I checked in was my trepidatious venture through the aisles and dark recesses of Babies (backward) "R" Us. Since then one of the two of us on that quest has become a good bit more pregnant. And no, contrary to my on and off again commentary about my apparent objective be bigger than ever, it ain't me. I've suggested that when yet another perfectly well meaning but ultimately annoying stranger asks "Are you pregnant??" Kris just respond, "No, I'm smuggling a basketball you friggin' jackass."

New house in between then and now too and some associated "to dos" with that which so far haven't included severe electrical burns. However, the day isn't over either and no one should doubt my ability to completely jack myself up. Had a lot of help with the move from good friends and said goodbye to Ry who is now well ensconced in the deep south and who I've done an absolutely horrid job of catching up with since his departure. Sorry Ry.

Work is work, like they say, there is a reason they pay you for it. Never enough, but they do pay. I do get to hang out at most of the MAC races this time of year for Cadence and get my ass kicked in cyclocross instead of mountain biking for a few months so that does sort of make work cool. I'll likely post some mad libs blogs about the 'cross thing...brace yourselves or just go read some other racers blog and insert names like Yozell, Adams, Kelly, Strickland, Hebe, Colin, Woody, Pagoda, Wes, Linda, Jose, Andy instead of the ones they list and it'll be almost verbatim.

Speaking of names we don't have one picked out yet so please don't ask Kris that either you perfectly well meaning person you. Barrah, Coe, Rax, and Tye have come up as suggestions (just add Kuhn) and of course pop culture references such as Stan, Eric, Kenny, Kyle, and Butters were briefly considered too, but nah. We have about a dozen we're considering. Right after we know he'll know and then you'll probably find out before too long. Oh yea, we did buy a fancy pants new digital video recorder so you'll probably see him too since it was definitely a business expense for the races and I'll need to use it for the blog.

So to recap since we last saw each other, I've been thinking about Jr's impending arrival and doing stuff. I coulda saved a lot of blog space and your precious time...

I guess we're as ready as we're gonna be which is a good thing. We're celebrating 5 years of married life tomorrow and this weekend is quite likely our last one as a couple for what I hope is a long, long time.