Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Much like the Tea Baggers and taxes, I'm pretty sick of myself.  Somewhere along this journey I've devolved into someone I have a hard time recognizing.  I don't talk about it all.  More accurately, when I do talk about it at all it usually involves a good deal of yelling and screaming as pent up frustrations come flooding out in a rush of misplaced anger.  So, like I said, I don't really talk about it.  The rest of the time I try not to let it show.  But it does show.  It shows up in how I approach most everything.  I'm not happy about it or me.

There's one thing to do.  Change it.

So much for WYSIWYG any more.  That was the way and that need to be the way again.  I don't assume it will be easy.  I'm sure I'm going to sabotage myself along the way, but enough is enough and it is time to find me again.

Who know if I'll keep at this on here.  Recent history shows that it ain't likely.  Of course, its not like anyone reads this anymore anyway.  But, this isn't for you.  Its for me.  It ought to be a good ride one way or another. 

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A whole damn year

That's how long it has been since I visited my own blog. Where the hell did that go? I guess between TSE #1 and baby #2 and an Iron Cross take over and 20 more lbs of Kuhndog to love it all just went. Hell with stats like that maybe I just swallowed it in the feeding frenzy.

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris, I wonder where my fitness is. More like I wonder where my toes is from the looks of things - it ain't no wonder where the fitness is.

I did ride a bunch in Feb. thanks to another awesome Power On Camp down in South Carolina. Seven days of killer riding put me in a bit of hurt, but after those 20 hrs I was feeling better on day 7 than any other time during the week - "flying" even. Then I've ridden about 10 times since. Nice consistency.

Next weekend is the Endurance MTB camp on the TSE trails. I'm looking forward to the trip and luckily camp is small. I've not yet put a lot of time into pushing it, but that'll come when I'm ready. It will be four days of stellar riding and hopefully I'll figure out my Hero cam so I actually have space and battery power when I want it for some post-camp/pre-TSE footage.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Out of the closet - finally.

Marcus says I was always a closet SSer. Maybe. Probably. My preference for large gears was well known by people I rode with when I rode with people...or rode much at all. Difference is back in the day the only gear I was in was a whole hell of a lot bigger than it is these days.

Brandon by the creek, Aaron just behind

But it was nice to hear my name called out on Sunday at the Tour de Tykes up in the hills of the PAvalleys region for something other than being a complete schmuck. That sort of thing almost makes you want to train...or at least ride consistently. I'm working on it.

Miss Vicki also burst out of the closet at THE Relay when she opened up the can on the rest of the women (I'm supposed to make sure you know it was on an SS too) and threw down a lap time that made many men jealous. Hailing from the northern hard lands of Scotland (well, actually Edinburgh, but whatever) she also justified the International aspect of THE Relay name so thanks for that...now I just need someone from the Horsehead Nebula to make an appearance and maybe that clown from Imagination Land and we'd be set. I'd like to have seen what some Team CFer women could have put up for competition but since they all suck and didn't show up Vicki gets the nod for fastest lap time.
Brandon pushing Ray out of the way

And while everyone was watching EuroAaron expecting him to be the man to beat Jon Gdowick smashed down the closet door with some sub 13:00 min laps taking a handful of seconds out of Aaron and everyone else. Nice work by the Adventures for the Cure/Trek squad racer and definitely worthy of the shout out he he did not get at THE Relay.
Chuck B flying past tent city

Vicki and Jon - killer.

The results are all done with all bonus points and eggs added up. Check the Mid-Atlantic Timing site for all the goodness. Thanks again for the fun. Charlie, I hope you're healing well.

In other news you probably don't care about:

Plans are still a little vague for the fall 'cross version of this thing. I'm debating. Marcus says yes. Hebe's thinking the move of the first MAC may mess me up. I'm open to thoughts and opinions...I'll ignore them all but you can fire away.

Rattling 50/25 MTB Marathon and Half-Marathon races may have a new starting location this year.

I'm working on the ins and outs about the scoring for the Festival. It is double points for endurance & XC! Points should really be the last reason you come - the fact that its a hell of a lot of fun and a good bit different than your typical race weekend plus you can hang out with your buddies for a whole weekend and maybe make some new friends is why you should come.

Lots of kid's getting ready for a great day of fun at THE Open Relay


Photos of THE Open Relay above stolen from Uncle Don's singlespeeder.smugmug.com. Thanks Uncle Don!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


What a great way to start the season. THE Open Relay was killer. Taxes are not killer and I should get those done instead of blogging. Hell, I haven't blogged in months and I find time to blog now. Amazing what I can fit in when I don't want to do something else. Just amazing.

My teammates looked great. They'll look even better in the new gear which I think will be here tomorrow based on the sticky note the FedEx man lovingly attached to my front door today. It's been a long time since someone gave me a note. I'm glad FedEx is thinking of me.

So, THE Open Relay is in the books. I think that makes four of them. Not sure if the 'cross one is going off this year. I really want it to, but since USAC seems to think "the earlier the better" when it comes to 'cross now...well, I ain't going to August with that event.


WTF is with USAC and 'cross anyway. Masters and Real Worlds are coming in the next couple years. I have to assume that USAC has noticed those happen in February. I would assume they've also noticed that 'cross racing basically shrivels up like a pro's twig and berries on a January ride come, well, January (really mid-December). So, instead of pushing the racing the other way on the calendar and promoting 'cross through the rest of Dec and Jan they move 'cross to the beginning of Sept. They also do this with no regard to anything else going on in the region at that time. Now not only do we have road and mtb events in conflict but 'cross is in the mix. That'd be fine except for the fact there are two full MONTHS with no racing where there should be - or arguably needs to be - some!!

It's not real hard to figure why USAC is doing this sort of thing. 'Cross must be making them some big bucks. 'Cross races are pulling 400+ racers around here where USAC wasn't getting shit from MTB so they gotta be stoked to have that cash flow. The more 'cross races the better in their mind, but only at times when people will show - which means not post-nats.

What do they care if they're mucking up the other events in the region; events that MOVED from their dates in part to avoid the conflicts of the past. The best part is the promoter of the particular mtb season finals event even stepped up to the plate to play with USAC and put on one of a very few USAC MTB events in the region. That's got to feel good to the promoter. It would to me. "Oh, no, no problem. I'm taking a big risk supporting you when no one around here does and help you get back into the region. Don't let that bother you about completely f'ing my race. Really, I appreciate what you do (?) for the sport." And those two conflicting events - the finals of the MASS MTB Series and the first race of the MAC 'cross series - are about 25 minutes apart. It is wonderful that the national governing body is helping to "grow" the sport in such an effective way.

Why doesn't USAC say, "We need to develop 'cross into the winter. First that's how it goes everywhere else that does this sport. Second we make more bank with more races. Actually we don't give a rat's ass about 1, but 2 is very appealing. So, first, lets move nationals to January since that's sure to encourage 'cross racing through December. Second, let's create incentives for promoters to run events in the long cold dark of winter and for racers to participate. Actually, ideally these changes happen in the opposite order since nats is in place for this year, but incentives could go into effect immediately. What kind of incentives? Reduce or eliminate USAC fees for late Dec/Jan events this year. Have USAC pay officials fees for these same events. Push all regional series to hold events post-2010 nats with sponsorship support for those that do. Offer start position bonuses for 2011 nationals for performance in Dec 2010/Jan 2011. Or, maybe a discount on your 2011 license with 'cross racing in January. The point is that 'cross needs to go the other direction on the calendar and there are ways to get it to work with support from the governing body while eliminating conflicts with road and mtb. Too bad that's not what the governing body is about.

Okay, taxes delay completed. More coming on the relay and the upcoming stuff too.

Right after I go blog for the team on the PAValleys.com team blog and maybe over on the Savvy Grouse too.

Ain't Braden cute? He's standing in the sink helping scrub fruit. And the counter. And pop-pop.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lets get it started - The Open MTB Relay

Time to OPEN it up!

So here we go again - one month to the start of the HSC and Mid-Atlantic Super Series season with our super cool THE Open Relay (I'd type the whole name out, but it would take too long and I don't have a lot of time).

If you've done this before you know. If you haven't here's the scoop. Teams of four. Everyone handicapped based on ability. The faster you are the fewer points you get at the start. Points on every lap. Team with the most points at the end gets the V, the cash and the perpetual Cup. Last year a team of four junior beginners beat two teams of pros. No one knows who's winning til the bitter end. That means you better bury it on every lap to keep your team in with a shot at the Cup.

Registration for the PAValleys.com International Intergalactic...MTB Open Relay is up on BikeReg.com. Get that team together and get registered. This is a really fun way to get the season going and a heck of a workout too. Nothing like 4 x 15 min as hard as you can possibly go. Go hard enough and you'll end up with your helmet all crooked and dorky looking like this guy:

And yes, I'm working on getting the site back up and running...I'm sure it will be done on about April 6...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A year in the life

The kid is more than a year old now. I just downloaded a bunch of photos from the year off the phone. Here's what some of it looked like.

One of the first visits to the swings down the road.

In the backyard a month or two laterBraden the Destroyer. Here he's just ripped the corner molding off the wall. He was very proud. This was the day Dad learned that a Cheerios box,
even with a closed bag inside a closed box,
does not make for a good rattle.

One of the first times he sat on the Pooh Bear chair. Just crawled over and took a seat to drink.A favorite from the first birthday - the tunnel! Kris likes it too.Braden finally caught the cat. This did not last long.A hike with at Jordan Park on one of the last nicest days of the year.Tongue out in concentration
preparing to descend the stairs.Under the coffee table. This is apparently a lot of fun.
Mastering the scooter, rippin' around corners,
taking Lamby for a ride.

A whole year. That was fast.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The dog ate my post

Well, there go another two freakin' months. I'd have posted but the dog ate my post. Or the baby spit up on the computer. Or I'm lame.

By the way the stellar service from BikeLine continued when I didn't hear back from anyone at corporate when I followed up on my local BikeLine craptastic shitsperience. Ahh yes. Itsa vherrry nicea.

I hope you can tell me and busted wrist Raydawg have been working hard on Trans-Sylvania. If not, take it from me, we have been. I can't wait for this thing to go off because it is going to be friggin' fantastic, but we're also anxious as all get out since registration is moving slowly and trying to coordinate all the stuff and personalities that fit together to make this happen can feel like herding cats. Its funny how little things feel like big victories and then we step back, look at the big picture and poop ourselves.

Don't anyone look, but the team has been posting blogs like its our job. That's good cause it sorta is. I think we've done something like five posts in the past week. Course between www.TransSylvaniaEpic.com; the visitPA.com Team blog; Facebook x2 (did you become a Trans-Sylvania fan yet?); Twitter x2; the Savvy Grouse blog on visitPA.com; a YouTube channel thing we're trying to put together; CyclingDirt; this blog and probably some stuff I'm supposed to submit posts to that I've forgotten about completely I feel like social media may be the end of me. I have blogs updating Facebook sending Tweets updating blogs and I have no idea which does what or in what order. If I'm offered the option to connect stuff my course of action is to just do so blindly and hope for the best. It's probably just a gigantic feedback loop and I'm just posting stuff to myself. I need Braden to tell me how this stuff works.

Speaking of, the kid is just too dang cute. Pics coming.