Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Out of the closet - finally.

Marcus says I was always a closet SSer. Maybe. Probably. My preference for large gears was well known by people I rode with when I rode with people...or rode much at all. Difference is back in the day the only gear I was in was a whole hell of a lot bigger than it is these days.

Brandon by the creek, Aaron just behind

But it was nice to hear my name called out on Sunday at the Tour de Tykes up in the hills of the PAvalleys region for something other than being a complete schmuck. That sort of thing almost makes you want to train...or at least ride consistently. I'm working on it.

Miss Vicki also burst out of the closet at THE Relay when she opened up the can on the rest of the women (I'm supposed to make sure you know it was on an SS too) and threw down a lap time that made many men jealous. Hailing from the northern hard lands of Scotland (well, actually Edinburgh, but whatever) she also justified the International aspect of THE Relay name so thanks for I just need someone from the Horsehead Nebula to make an appearance and maybe that clown from Imagination Land and we'd be set. I'd like to have seen what some Team CFer women could have put up for competition but since they all suck and didn't show up Vicki gets the nod for fastest lap time.
Brandon pushing Ray out of the way

And while everyone was watching EuroAaron expecting him to be the man to beat Jon Gdowick smashed down the closet door with some sub 13:00 min laps taking a handful of seconds out of Aaron and everyone else. Nice work by the Adventures for the Cure/Trek squad racer and definitely worthy of the shout out he he did not get at THE Relay.
Chuck B flying past tent city

Vicki and Jon - killer.

The results are all done with all bonus points and eggs added up. Check the Mid-Atlantic Timing site for all the goodness. Thanks again for the fun. Charlie, I hope you're healing well.

In other news you probably don't care about:

Plans are still a little vague for the fall 'cross version of this thing. I'm debating. Marcus says yes. Hebe's thinking the move of the first MAC may mess me up. I'm open to thoughts and opinions...I'll ignore them all but you can fire away.

Rattling 50/25 MTB Marathon and Half-Marathon races may have a new starting location this year.

I'm working on the ins and outs about the scoring for the Festival. It is double points for endurance & XC! Points should really be the last reason you come - the fact that its a hell of a lot of fun and a good bit different than your typical race weekend plus you can hang out with your buddies for a whole weekend and maybe make some new friends is why you should come.

Lots of kid's getting ready for a great day of fun at THE Open Relay


Photos of THE Open Relay above stolen from Uncle Don's Thanks Uncle Don!

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