Sunday, November 29, 2009

A year in the life

The kid is more than a year old now. I just downloaded a bunch of photos from the year off the phone. Here's what some of it looked like.

One of the first visits to the swings down the road.

In the backyard a month or two laterBraden the Destroyer. Here he's just ripped the corner molding off the wall. He was very proud. This was the day Dad learned that a Cheerios box,
even with a closed bag inside a closed box,
does not make for a good rattle.

One of the first times he sat on the Pooh Bear chair. Just crawled over and took a seat to drink.A favorite from the first birthday - the tunnel! Kris likes it too.Braden finally caught the cat. This did not last long.A hike with at Jordan Park on one of the last nicest days of the year.Tongue out in concentration
preparing to descend the stairs.Under the coffee table. This is apparently a lot of fun.
Mastering the scooter, rippin' around corners,
taking Lamby for a ride.

A whole year. That was fast.


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Enjoy every minute of it cause it goes by way to fast! See you Saturday. Kurt

Anonymous said...

I see the first piece of bike equipment that will be missing. Mike

DailySAHM said...

He is so darn cute!