Friday, November 13, 2009

The dog ate my post

Well, there go another two freakin' months. I'd have posted but the dog ate my post. Or the baby spit up on the computer. Or I'm lame.

By the way the stellar service from BikeLine continued when I didn't hear back from anyone at corporate when I followed up on my local BikeLine craptastic shitsperience. Ahh yes. Itsa vherrry nicea.

I hope you can tell me and busted wrist Raydawg have been working hard on Trans-Sylvania. If not, take it from me, we have been. I can't wait for this thing to go off because it is going to be friggin' fantastic, but we're also anxious as all get out since registration is moving slowly and trying to coordinate all the stuff and personalities that fit together to make this happen can feel like herding cats. Its funny how little things feel like big victories and then we step back, look at the big picture and poop ourselves.

Don't anyone look, but the team has been posting blogs like its our job. That's good cause it sorta is. I think we've done something like five posts in the past week. Course between; the Team blog; Facebook x2 (did you become a Trans-Sylvania fan yet?); Twitter x2; the Savvy Grouse blog on; a YouTube channel thing we're trying to put together; CyclingDirt; this blog and probably some stuff I'm supposed to submit posts to that I've forgotten about completely I feel like social media may be the end of me. I have blogs updating Facebook sending Tweets updating blogs and I have no idea which does what or in what order. If I'm offered the option to connect stuff my course of action is to just do so blindly and hope for the best. It's probably just a gigantic feedback loop and I'm just posting stuff to myself. I need Braden to tell me how this stuff works.

Speaking of, the kid is just too dang cute. Pics coming.

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