Monday, June 09, 2008

Here we go again

Another month gone by and me with nothing at all interesting or at the very least amusing for me to post - 'cause in the end its all about me.

But, since there are some things going down in about a month or so, I figure I oughta pipe up a bit.

The Stage Race and Festival Weekend is coming! Tell your friends! Spread the word!

The jist is the same as its been for the past four years. Just the baddest mountain bike weekend ever!!

The big news for this year is that we're doing something a bit different with the points that we have in the past. Just like its always been, for the non-xc races in the stage race you will race as part of a combined field designated A or B in your appropriate ability/experience category.

What is different this year is that we are no longer awarding "bonus" points. The points this year that are awarded for the stage race (which is still the ITT/STXC/HC combo) are (the equivalent of) a fully dropable XC event. So, you don't just get extra points for showing up that another racer is unable to catch up to you no matter what.

However, what is also different this year is that we will be separating out every age group category in the stage race for MASS points. (Note that we will NOT be separating these groups for race day prizes or the overall awards - its a combo category for the stage events.)

This means that if you are the only person in your category to race the stage race events and you place LAST OVERALL in your stage race group you will receive FIRST PLACE MASS POINTS in your MASS category!! We can only do this because we are using the chip timing and the chips allow us to separate every individual racer into the appropriate bucket. It aint cheap, but its worth it!

So, you do the Betty's Tasty Buttons STXC, the Lupine Night TT, and the Your Name Here Hill Climb and you have a shot at full on first place MASS XC points in your category for those events. This is just one more reason you do not want to miss the MTB Stage Race and Festival Weekend!

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