Sunday, June 03, 2007

MMM, ribs

Nate D and I took the fast VUE to Ohio this weekend for the second of the NUE Series events - the Mohican 100 - and enjoyed a bit over 8 hours of sweet trails and sweltering heat. That's two down for me and since I've now somehow or other squeaked another top 10 finish out of a 100 I guess I better get plans together for a trip to MI for the Lumberjack in two weeks.

I'm pretty sure that I cracked a rib yesterday too. Seems that I'm having trouble breathing deeply and I crashed hard enough yesterday to see stars, earn myself a splitting headache for 30 or so minutes (which reactivated on crash #2) , and get nauseous. 2+2 = cracked rib me thinks. Should make the Stoopid that much more. More later.

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