Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Thief Among Us

I've been missing the cap from a flash drive since mid-summer. I've not been too concerned about the cap, had my suspicions the cat might have batted it off the table, but it was the cap, who cares. I've been missing a flash drive since Iron Cross weekend. I figured it was my normal stellar powers of organization that led to it's disappearance. After I looked in every bag that I take with me to work; in the car; at work; around the house in all the normal places, I started to think that maybe the cat got it too. Of course this is a normal reaction when I lose/misplace something - someone or something else must have taken it so I wasn't really convinced and I figured it was actually gone.

I mentioned the cat thief hypothesis to a friend a week ago and he said, 'Yea right, have you seen your car/workshop/desk/etc.? Its not the cat.' Kris says I'm sort of like Pigpen only it's more mess less dirt.

I finally went on a determined hunt under the refrigerator, stove, radiators, furniture and anything close to cat play level to follow up on my suspicions.

I found:
17 small toy mice of assorted colors
2 large toy mice
1 spring toy
1 puff ball toy
1 catnip pillow
1 pen
1 pretzel
2 hair bands
1 beer cap
2 foil balls
1 Gu
1 moldy pistachio
1 screw on battery cover for a mini mag light
1 USB receiver for the remote computer mouse
1 rubber bumber from something
3 I have no idea
1 rock
1 USB drive cap
1 USB flash drive
A very pround Boo is pictured above with his haul minus the shit he already took back out it while I was completing my sweep of the house.

Now where'd I put my keys...


Sho_Jo said...

i would suspect boo, the way he lurks about and always looks guilty. be sure to check the boxes in the basement too, he was into them when i was working on the bikes. very athletic cat. very guilty cat.

byron said...

now i can blame everything the cat. yahoo! The cat left that big poo in the toilet; the cat ate all of Little Debbie's!

kenny said...

I always blame the cat...
Wife: "what was that?"
Me: "Cat burped"
Wife: "snif,snif ???
Me: "Cat Farted"
Wife: "Was the cat wareing your cycling cloths too?"