Thursday, November 15, 2007

yourPhone, myPhone, ourPhone, iPhone

iKeep asking myself, "Hey make a frickin decision, do iGet one of these things or not?"

iVe been him-hawing around about getting a phone with email capabilities for a while and of course all the fancypants stuff on the iPhone sure looks nice. That's the problem though isn't it? All this stuff looks "nice" and then you get it home and start to use it and find out its as big a piece of crap as the last widget you bought only it comes in a newer package with good marketing. It does seem that the few people iKnow who own one like it, and say it works as advertised.

All these questions keep running around my head though...Will iEver actually use all the functions? iS this thing going to stand up to living in my back pocket on road and mtb rides all year long? Am iAnywhere near cool enough to own an iPhone? Will it make me a better person? Smarter? Faster? Better looking? Do chicks dig it? Shouldn't iBe working on some race promo stuff, team sponsorship, or coaching instead of writing this? Why is my computer so damn slow - as in why is it that iTyped this 30 seconds ago and it is only now showing on the screen? Where the hell does "him-hawing" come from and why?

With my fancy new shoes though iThink an iPhone may be the best possible accessory...

iVe never owned an article of clothing iCould see my reflection in...until now.

Thank you Northwave and your sexy European style sensibilities.

iGotta go and my apologies to the good doctor.

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andrea walheim said...

I think the combo of the iPhone and your pimped out shoes just might make you look sophisticated and techno-savvy with a just a subtle hint of euro-trash. I say go for it, you can always get Colin to help you work the thing.