Friday, October 24, 2008

More Unbelievable Cuteness

Kris is feeding the little screaming teradactyl while I'm typing away. You'll likely be glad to know he seems quite healthy. His lung capacity is improving greatly judging by volume of air he must be moving to make sounds that freakin' loud. I say you'll be glad to know since everyone keeps asking me how much sleep I'm getting and then seems to be disappointed with the response that its not been THAT bad. Yet. I'm in the feeding rotation now, pretty much pinch feeding still, but getting in the line-up more and more.

I promised week 2 pics and seeing as we've blown right by week 3 and into week 4 here they are.

Gotta keep it short. Was planning to rail on our secessionist VP candidate - at least I'm pretty sure she's thinking it would be best to split our country up, but Ray's on his way out to do some work on team stuff for next season. I mean people just sponsors our team and events because we're nice guys, not because we work our asses off for it. I'll have to rant later. Besides that little bit I mean.

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