Monday, October 06, 2008

Welcome Home

We got us something new here at the recently opened Chez Kuhn in north Bethlehem. Cable TV!! Yep, I've never ever had cable before. I know, hard to believe but absolutely true! Well, except the time that we stole it from the TV lounge at the end of the hall in college and spliced it into our triple for the Super Bowl, which of course was really just an excuse to whip out a reciprocating concrete drill bit and mess up some concrete block.

C'mon now, the really great new bit here is Braden Michael Kuhn!!

Boo seems to think that we've brought home a baby pterodactyl as Braden's call for his hourly feedings sends Boopers running for his hiding place in the basement ceiling. Bear however is handling our new addition surprisingly calmly.

I'm pretty blown away by the whole thing and I definitely have a new hero

Kris's water broke at 4:30AM last Monday morning and Braden came along at 5:44AM on Tue morning. Kris was damn tough through it all and of course is still bearing the brunt of the whole thing yet continues to look and be amazing even with the tiny bit of sleep Braden is allowing her.

Here's me and Braden just enjoying some downtime, plus I had to get some in here based on contractual obligations.

And finally the whole family just before heading home last Thursday.

Cable brought internet at home too which is a nice thing to have again and means I'll have to put up lots more stuff about the baby and all the good things that he's bringing into our lives such as lots poop, hiccups, crying and, my personal fav, big boobs.

As an aside, Bear added his own drama to the week by getting a big nasty abcess on his face from an infected tooth that he proceded to rip open in an eruption of nastiness all over the house.

Don't panic, none got on the baby.


Chili said...

Sniff. Sniff. Adorable -- congrats to both of you (the cable of course!).

DailySAHM said...

Braden is very cute. Kris is amazing... 25 hours in labor... wow.

The Wiser Weiser said...

Well, that's something we'll never have!! (Cable, of course!) Congrats mucho...take him riding as soon as possible!! :) Donna and Brett

cableguy46 said...

Well Congratulations you two...thats fantastic...He'll be at the right age next spring to start riding with ya...:) 25 hrs. oh my god what did you do to her Mike, shame on you...but the jewel that you received was worth it now, right?


Jon Chodroff said...

Congrats! All the best.

camps said...

Congrats to you both,
get a sling
take him hiking
mark some trails