Sunday, December 16, 2007

I love it when a plan comes together

So it may not be quite as cool as the A-Team, I'm pretty psyched about this little ditty we've put together at work, especially on nasty rainy days like today.

Ry and I took a Cadence class this morning from the comfort of the porch here in Coopersburg!

While we're still beta testing the operation, we are close to our full scale launch of CadenceTV (Jan 1 is the plan) and soon everyone looking for a way to make the indoor training drudgery pass more quickly and get a great workout will be able to log in from their home computer and take class Live - or choose from a growing library of Ondemand Cadence workouts. I figured one of three people who reads this might find that useful since I'm sure all three of you are bike dorks.

Find out more about it at the place where I spend most of my waking hours - for more info. Again, we won't be live until the new year, but check the Cadence Blog for updates on our progress.

Of course I'm biased, but Ry's comment was that it sure made the hour pass quickly and that it was definitely a solid workout. Anyone who has to deal with weather like we have today in PA and has to get on the trainer is going to find this pretty fantastic. Can you tell I'm pumped??

Bonus---tune in Tue or Wed at 6:00PM and you get to see me on your computer! Now that should spike viewership - or crash your hard drive.

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