Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Team DB

I've wrapped up cross season. I was hoping to visit Big Willie this weekend at his 'cross joint, but its been 10 days of no riding and getting fat and staying sick so I've pulled the plug. Its time for long stuff and to prep for the 100s. I was willing to put up with a week off from this bug, but 10 days is eff'ing stupid -- now I just wanna ride! Or maybe its skate skiing time. It's not drinkin' time cause I don't want to do this.

Hello, I'm new here. I'm a dork?

Speaking of stupid, when did one's value as a cyclist or the amount of enjoyment one gets from a ride become defined only by one's power file screen shot? I can't believe how many guys are posting powerfiles with captions along the lines of:

'My TSS was 327 on this one. That was a great ride! I'm a complete fuckin' dork. No, seriously, I am.'


'Check this out, I'm so cool, I'm doing 430 watts and I weigh 60 kilos. I'm going to be a pro and a complete douchebag for sure!! Er, I'm already a complete douchebag, but I'm sure I'm going to be pro. LOOK AT MY NUMBERS!!!!! I should be pro!!!! MOMMMMY, make them put me on the team!!'

So I might have taken a bit of literary freedom with the captions, but even if its not there it is definitely implied.

Now, I'm all for training with power. It works. Its great. It tells you stuff you can't see otherwise. I don't want to train without it. I like my athletes to use it because its almost like I go on the ride with them when I look at their files. I like the feedback. I absolutely encourage its usage.

But, it also only tells you a very small part of the story.

Here's perhaps some of the rest of the story; stop me if you've heard this before.

I work with this guy who used to be really fast. He might have even raced in Europe. He doesn't race anymore. He doesn't train much. He's put on a couple pounds. For all you Power Dorks his power to weight is way off what it used to be. His pure LT power is way down too. He's a few years older obviously. Compare his numbers to all the local 1s and 2s and he's off the back.

And yet, every week all season long he beats the pants off everyone at the end of the weekly race. If he doesn't win the sprint its probably because he was setting someone else up for it. He's smart, he knows how to ride, and he knows when to use what he has.

You don't just get to be pro by riding around with a high p:w ratio - you have to perform.

It'd also be nice if you actually win something before you start talking about how you're going to be a professional cyclist.

Dreams are great. Dream BIG kids. Don't be a douchebag about it.

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steevo said...

I am racing mountain bikes next year to get away from people who can ride in straight lines very fast. Turning is pretty cool.
imagine getting a cat1 upgrade without being able to turn. Its like zoolander.