Thursday, March 27, 2008

Calling Ms. Toeclips and some stuff on Rocktober

Ry will have a whole bunch of new stuff up on HSC in the near future regarding May's Rocktober Challenge. I know this because I just finished updating it all and if he doesn't want the cat to keep vomiting in his room he'll have to get the info up on the site.

Actually, this isn't a real good threat as the cat just cleans up after himself most times anyway. Don't follow? The cat likes "pre-digested" meals. Still not getting it? He eats his own puke. Yummy. At least there isn't much to clean up.

Enough about our cat's regurgitative exploits.

On the Rocktober note, I'll be headed up that way (to RB Winter) a few times between the running of the US Open Relay next weekend and Rocktober to do some trail maintenance. If'n any of you would like to earn some credits toward a Rocktober entry and want to accompany me (or meet me there) drop a note and let me know and we'll have a good ol time cutting back that laurel.

Below is an almost completely useless image of the map of the Rocktober course. If you get out a magnifying glass you can probably make out that there are colors and lines on the map. We will be riding trails that are noted by those lines. There are other colors that make it look like there are ridges on the map. These are ridges. We'll ride over a bunch of them. I think we'll be able to get this up in a .pdf version up on as soon as Ry makes his way back to HSC HQ here in Center Valley from his third home in NYC. Yellow = loop 1, Orange = loop 2, Green = loop 3. (If you click on the map it should get a lot bigger and that will help...)

Anyone know how to get hold of Alice B Toeclips? I tried blogging her back on one blog, but that didn't seem to work and I can't get her email address from her blog to open for me at home because I don't know squat about making Outlook work here since its all synced up for work and stuff. I bet there are some instructions some where that probably tell me how to do such a thing, but like I'm going to read something as useless as the help information that comes with this computer.

Never mind, I just left a comment on her blog, that oughta do it. Forget I said anything.

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alice b. toeclips said...

yo, MIke
It is email address:
(tell yr friends)
I am surprised that my blog doesn't release it, it's supposed to connect you ..
so ya, rocktober sounds great. Let's find that Person With Too Many Air Miles (or not enough wombats)
to fly me out..
Ever, J