Monday, March 31, 2008

News from the Great White North

Up to the minute report rolling in from our ground troop and embedded reporter at the Rocktober Challenge venue in RB Winter State Park and Bald Eagle State Forest.

It appears that the surge is working and we're getting closer and closer to clearing the remaining vestiges of unnavigable singletrack...


From somewhere in the deep PA wilderness...

..........George Hackenbush created singletrack.

Stony Hollow - cleared out and rideable.
Old Tram - cut out those 2 trees (the ground shook when they fell)
South Bear Creek - FUN TRAIL!!!! Heim and I cleared all logs off of the trail. A leaf blower is a must in our opinion. It would be a wickedly fast trail if it were wind blown.

You will have to navigate a stream crossing before heading back up the mountain.

Let me know if there is anything else up there. Planning on riding the 1st loop in the near future.



Fausto and Hackenbush - as they say back home --- yinzers rawk!!

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