Saturday, March 01, 2008

Relay Rassin'

Ry is still working hard on the website and it will be up soon, but here's the scoop on the US Open Relay that kicks off the MASS next month. There is very little that has changed except that I've cut the points in half that are awarded for each lap...instead of 8 its now 4 (see how that whole half thing worked? Pretty slick, no?).

In my very unscientific and completely unverified reworking of the points for this year I just plugged everything from last year into a spreadsheet, messed with the lap points, and viola! new points scheme that is sure to make some of you happy and piss a bunch more of you off. Either way, this should make things much tighter and more exciting right to the end and that's the whole point because it ain't about who wins this as much as its about who has the most fun and how rich I get off promoting it. A few hundred more races promoted and I'll be a thousandaire!! And Kris said this was a big #*@*ing waste of my time. Pfff, shows you what she knows.

That being said, I am sticking it to you all with higher prices on the relay this year. The extra dough is going toward some of those other prizes I mentioned in the last post and the chip timing - which you all will appreciate in the end because it will be cool to have your split times and see all the race laps so don't whine too much about the $$.

I was going to save the money and get some potato chips (probably kettle cooked, they are my favorite!!) and have you tape them to your helmets for the race and say I had chip timing and charge you a lot more, but one or two of you probably would have figured out the chips didn't really help with the timing and a few others would have eaten the chips and still been scored and then the whole cover is blown, so instead its real timing chips for you. Yay.

Now, who wants to chip in on a crowd prime for the fastest lap?


Matthew said...

can we still have some kettle chips since you're charging more?

Kuhndog said...

Hells yea! Chips on me!