Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend update

Gottta start by thanking the people who stood up and took credit for the anonymous emails I published for your enjoyment. They apologized and I appreciate it. I was annoyed because of the anonymity bit, but that's it there was nothing else in it. Hopefully some of this stuff comes across with a bit of humor as its intended.

Spent Sunday working at RB Winter with the team and some guest help in the form of Mike Faust and Heim. We're getting the trails in shape for the Rocktober Challenge in May and things look pretty darn good so far. The new course is going to be way painful but beautiful.

RB was supposed to be the wrap up to a team training weekend in State College. I was supposed to be in State College all weekend - had time off from work and everything - and then wasted it all by getting sick on Thursday and not going up til Sunday AM. I'm still bummed as I was really looking forward to the weekend with the team and it sounds like they had a great time riding together. Wes, Ray, Nancy, and I did get out on the RB Winter network a bit today and that was peachy. With my job I find it very difficult to get out with these guys and I hardly raced at all in '07 so it would have been great fun to spend the weekend hitting those wonderful trails in Rothrock with 'em. Ah well, next time I guess.

I did get to ride the new Cannondale Scalpel on the rocks at RB and to quote Ferris, it is so choice. I've been jonesin' for full suspension since we switched from Cannondale the last time and I'm very pleased to be back on what is definitely one of the best handling XC bikes available. We're on Old Tram today and I'm just floating though it like I've not been able to do for two years. Yea, there are some places where you don't need full suspension, but I mostly prefer to ride places where you do. I'm not quite the weight weenie the other guys are so Ray or Hebe will probably come up with the lightest version of this thing, but every time I pick mine up I can't believe its suspended on both ends. Stay tuned to Hebe's blog to see just how light one of these can be.


Brett said...

Sounds like you need to lose the job. Besides, aren't you getting rich from your over-priced events? ha! Rock on, bro. Hope to see you at Rocktober.

cyclocrosser said...

silly brett, you left me with no team. :-P Hi Mike! I can't even figure out how to link pdf files on my silly ole website to post them darn pesky results, so I couldn't have figured out how to make super douchey fake emial addresses. See ya soon bub.